Flexcut In-line represents the ideal solution for production realities in which the floor space available is limited.

It is a cutting system from the Flexcut family fitted with its own product advancement belt, which can be integrated perfectly in the production lines.

It operates on products arriving in continuous lines, cutting into segments in tracking mode; the possibility to mount several blades, guarantees the use of a wide variety of productions.

The small clearance along with the typical ultrasonic cutting powers of Flexcut machines, make it a machine with a wide range of uses, with the peculiarity of being adaptable to the production context.
In line with Abrigo’s high construction standards, it ensures cutting accuracy, rapidity and cleaning of the blades. Like all Abrigo machines, Flexcut In-Line has tele-assistance, so as to allow control and intervention by specialised technicians all over the world.


Type of infeed product Continuous strip
Cutting depth Standard 50 mm / Special 100 mm
Type of cut Transversal
Production Up to 100 cuts/min
Number of blades mountable Up to 4
Belt length 1500 mm
Belt width Up to 1200 mm
Tracking mode possible Yes
Ultrasonic frequency 20 kHz
Control system PLC, touch-screen control panel, tele-assistance
Marking CE, CSA, UL

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